1. Gift Card is available to purchase only at (herein the «eshop»). The issuer of the Gift Card is CHRISTINA BRAMPTI” (hereinafter CHRISTINA BRAMPTI), head office: 42, Adrianiou street, 11525 Athens, TIN: 062617994 Tax Athority: PSICHIKOU.

2. The Card is valid for six months from the the date of purchase. At the expiration date the Gift Card shall not be renewed or used to purchase products, nor shall any unsued balance be returned.

3. The amounts of available Gift Cards are pre-fixed and defined as follows: 15 €, 25€, 50€ and 100€.

4. You can purchase a Gift Card by using either debit or credit card or by deposit to our company’s bank account.  You cannot use the balance of the gift card to purchase another gift card.

5. The recipient will receive the Gift Card within a few minutes via email or SMS.

6. The Gift Card may be used to purchase items from the eshop with a value equal to or over than the amount stated on the Gift Card. Delivery costs are not included.

7. The Gift Card shall not be used in combination with a discount or any promotion valid at the eshop at the time of the order.

8. If the order total is more than the balance on your Gift Card, the difference will need to be paid through any other payment means accepted at the eshop.

9. Items purchased with the Gift Card online via the eshop are subject to the General Terms and Purchase Conditions shown on that website.

10. If you return, following the terms and conditions of the eshop, a product originally purchased with a Gift Card, any refund due to you will be returned to a new Gift Card. If you return a product originally purchased with multiple Gift Cards, the total refund due will be returned to the most recently purchased Gift Card. If you return a product originally purchased with multiple payment methods, any refund due will first be refunded to the payment method(s) used for the original transaction (e.g. credit card, debit card) up to the original amount due to that payment method, following which the remaining balance of any refund will be transferred to a new Gift Card.

11. You have the right to cancel your gift card within 14 working days of dispatch provided that you have not used the Gift Card. In case of cancellation, CHRISTINA BRAMPTI will refund the amount of the Gift Card to the original payment method used during ordering within 30 days of cancellation. We cannot replace your Gift Card if it is lost, stolen, damaged or sent to wrong email address, by the fault of the Gift Card purchaser.

12. CHRISTINA BRAMPTI is not responsible for the non-receipt or delay in receipt of the Gift Card by its intended recipient for reasons beyond the control of CHRISTINA BRAMPTI, including, inter alia, the following cases (a) defects or malfunctions of telecommunications lines/ systems; (b) delays in the retransmission of information or data or loss of information or data which may occur under the conditions set out in subparagraph (a) above; (c) inaccuracy of the details of the receipt of the Gift Card, which were given by the buyer; (d) non-delivery of the Gift Card to the email address given, or (e) that the email sent by CHRISTINA BRAMPTI may be considered spam.

13. Gift Cards obtained from the beginning in any illegal way are null and void and can not be used to purchase products, nor can the relevant proce be refunded.

14. The Gift Card may not be used for the purposes of advertising or promoting products and services of third parties other than the issuing company, unless the express, written consent of the latter.

15. The purchase and/ or use of the Gift Card implies the full acceptance of the above terms and conditions, as well as the Terms of Use, the Return Policy and the Personal Data Protection Policy of the eshop.